Be a Guest Designer

Would you like to be a Guest Designer one week?

YES! Of course you would!

Commencing from our next colour challenge on Monday 18th July 2016, ONE selected winner will have the opportunity to be a Guest Designer for the following colour challenge.

1. Play along to the colour challenge
2. Be ONE of our selected winners
3. You will be our Guest Designer at for the following colour challenge.

It's that simple!

Have fun and we hope to have you as one of our Guest Designers soon.

The GDP Team xo


  1. I can't wait to see what the next colors challenge is ;o)
    Hugs, Janneke ♥

  2. So exciting, what a fabulous opportunity! I can't wait to join in with next weeks colour challenge!! :)

  3. Well that's enticing!!! Can't wait

  4. What a Opportunity. Awesome. Angexx

  5. Sounds exciting - would certainly be an honor!

  6. I'm so excited to play along. Yay! Would love to snag a spot as a guest.

  7. This is very cool! Where i can send my project to? 😜 Kind Regards, Kerstin

  8. Hi, can anyone join in your challenges?


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